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We can help you manage your company’s tools more efficiently to reduce tool downtime and protect your employees from HAVs, enabling you to defend any associated allegations of negligence in the future.

Who is the Tool Cloud for?

This software is typically used by large businesses, often blue chip companies who have a large scale asset list of tools that require frequent repair and servicing to ensure the down time of the tools is kept to an absolute minimum. Multiple employees within a client’s organisation can be given access, facilitating information sharing and effective scheduling of resources.

* The Tool Cloud is only available to clients who have a contract servicing agreement with us. We regret that this service is not yet available to ‘Repair As You Go’ customers.

Tool Cloud Features

Organise your tools by department or location

Are your tools located at various sites, locations or departments?

Organise your tools more effectively by assigning individual tools with a location.

Asset List Upload

If you already have an asset list in digital format, we are able to directly upload the information you already have on your company’s tools quickly and accurately.

If you don’t have an asset list yet, you can download a sample one by clicking here.

Tool Servicing Due Dates

Tool Cloud will tell you when particular tools are due for their service. Such intervals can be tailored to your individual requirements. This information is carefully monitored by your account manager, however we have found from experience that our clients find this information useful for scheduling production and the allocation of resources.

Scrapped Tool List

We asses every tool we service and compare the cost of repair to buying a new replacement. If we deem that repairing the tool is uneconomical and that it would be more cost effective for your organisation to invest in a new tool, the old tool will be scraped. By updating a tools status to ‘Scrapped’ your organisations asset list is automatically updated.

Hand Arm Vibration Test Due Dates

Never miss a HAV test again! Depending on your requirements, HAV test intervals can be set within the software. Our system is then able to track an individual tools age, and when it was last HAV tested.

Quick Tool Search

If you want to find information on an individual tool, Tool Cloud allows you to search your entire asset list at the click of a button. This is particularly helpful for organisations with a large amount of tools, spread over various locations.

Continual Improvement

The Tool Cloud is completely bespoke and has been fully designed by us, for our clients. We’re committed to improving our tool management system with new features and functionality. This ensures you get the latest industry support and quality of information you require to help you manage your tools more effectively.

Completed Jobs List

The final part of the process. Once a tool has been serviced or repaired, its status is updated within the system by our technicians. Used in conjunction with your individual tool delivery schedule, this informs you when your tools will be returned to your premises, ready for use in production.


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