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With HAV experts on hand, all trained and certified to I.O.S.H., we specialise in all aspects of HAV testing, assessment and prevention and work with companies to put systems in place to successfully protect employees from HAVs and defend employee claims for HAVs. Our fully qualified team of expert HAV technicians can provide a complete hand arm vibration service.

The Health and Safety Executive HSE estimates that there are around 300,000 people with advanced stage of vibration white finger (VWF), which is the most well-known form of hand arm vibration syndrome. Vibration white finger is also one of the most common reasons for occupational ill health claims made against employers. By doing regular risk assessments, not only does it keep you within the HSE regulations but can identify potential hazardous tools and operations which should change.

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What is Hand Arm Vibration

Hand arm vibration is transmitted from a tool into a workers hands and arms. Click below for information on the risks and symptoms associated with Hand Arm Vibration syndrome.

Employer Information

If your workforce uses vibrating tools, here is the information – both legal and recommended – you need to know to help you protect your employees from HAV syndrome.

Hand Arm Vibration Calculator

Use our exclusive online Hand Arm Vibration Calculator to work out exactly how long you can use your tools for.

How We Can Help

PTS offer the complete hand arm vibration testing service. From consultations & testing by our fully qualified HAV technicians to management systems, record keeping & employee training days.

How We Test Tools

We thoroughly test every tool using a tried and tested 7 step process that ensures every tool is tested accurately. Our experts replicate the on-site application for the most accurate reading.

Tool Cloud Management

Our exclusive Tool Cloud software gives your company the framework to manage your tool’s HAV tests to successfully protect your employees from HAVs and comply with legal requirements.

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How common is HAVS in the Industry ?

Over 4.9 million workers are at risk.

1.2 million Employees were exposed over the old action levels (of A(8) 4m/s^2). This will increase dramatically under the new regulations

The HSE estimates that 770,000 people suffer from finger blanching as a result of HAV exposure.

Claims for Civil damages are running at 8000-9000 cases per year.

There have been a number of developments in the law over the last few years in relation to HAV and HAVS. Awards at court have increased significantly and out of court settlements are becoming less attractive to claimants. This is becoming an increasing worry for all companies not least from an insurance point of view who are now insisting on adequate protection against HAV before cover is given. New “No Win No Pay” claims companies are jumping on the band wagon as this is such a new and profitable business to be in and will continue to be so.

HAV cannot be ignored. PTS can help put the systems in place to protect both employer and employee.