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Legal and recommended informationWe work with employers to reduce the risk of HAV in the workplace


The Health and Safety Executive HSE estimates that there are around 300,000 people with advanced stage of vibration white finger (VWF), which is the most well-known form of hand arm vibration syndrome. Vibration white finger is also one of the most common reasons for occupational ill health claims made against employers.

HSE inspectors will be addressing hand-arm vibration in three priority industry sectors.
These sectors will include Foundries, Heavy Steel Fabrication including Ship Building, and Construction.
They will expect to see evidence of the elimination of vibration risks or of their reduction to the lowest level that is reasonably practicable. Where vibration risks remain, inspectors will be looking for evidence that the risks are being managed adequately and that suitable health surveillance is in place.

The Law – What employers should be doing:

  • Assess the risk to the health of employees and plan for its control
  • Manage the Risk
  • Provide suitable equipment for your employees’ use
  • Maintain equipment correctly
  • Give your employees information and training on health risks and the safe use of equipment
  • Provide health surveillance of your employees where risks cannot be completely eliminated
  • Provide reports to the relevant authorities of cases of HAVS in your workforce
  • Consult with your safety or employee representative on proposals to deal with vibration hazards.

Being proactive is key to reducing the risk of HAV effectively

It is the employer’s duty or their Health & Safety representative to be seen actively trying to combat and control all measures of HAVs in the workforce.

  • Ensuring all hand held tools are checked on a regular basis for vibration levels.
  • Ensuring all tools used are helped by adding vibration damping handles.
  • All new or additional tools have the lowest vibration emissions.
  • All employees have regular vibration assessments.
  • Keep the employees working area warm with warm clothing for those who work outdoors.
  • Make sure the legal limits on vibration exposure are not exceeded.
  • Provide information and training to employees on health risks and the actions you are taking to control those risks.

Tool Cloud, tool management system

We Work with Employers to Reduce the Risk of HAVs

Power Tool Sales can help employers keep track of all aspects of HAV testing with our exclusive online tool management system, the Tool Cloud, for service contract customers. The system allows live tracking of tools hand arm vibration data where a high volume of tools are being tested and monitored.

If you would like to talk to one of our HAV technicians about how we can help you protect your employees, please contact us.